BorrowLend MATCH (BLM) is a place where borrowers and lenders can meet.  In days gone by, this used to happen at the local market or bazaar, or in modern times out on the golf course.

Today everyone is online and this meeting place is missing. BorrowLend MATCH (BLM) fills this gap.

There are no transactions conducted on BorrowLend Match. There are no contracts completed. In fact, BLM has no contractual relationship whatsoever with the parties visiting  the site. BLM does not even charge a fee.

Those visiting BLM are advised that if they do decide to borrow or lend to seek independent legal advice. Both parties should have their own lawyers. The lawyers will play the key role of
helping each party to ensure that the facts presented are valid as a result of title and lien searches and appraisals.

BLM specifically does not warrant information presented by visitors to the site. In fact, it
does exactly the opposite, strongly suggesting the importance of obtaining independent
legal representation for both borrowers and lenders.

Independent legal representation is essential. Borrowing and lending involves several risks.
First of all, there is the risk that the person you are meeting may not actually be who they say they are. Identify verification is the first step your lawyer will assist you with. The property being used for collateral needs to be appraised to confirm its existence and value. There needs to be a search done to confirm title and any liens on the property including existing  mortgages, loans and easements etc.

Once you provide us with your specific requirements, we will provide you with details of possible matches. When you have a match, you would like to pursue, we will connect you with the party on the other side of your transaction be it a borrower or a lender. The next step is to engage with your lawyer to complete the transaction. (see What your lawyer does)

We hope that BLM will provide you with meeting place you need to find the best match for you.