BorrowLend Match (BLM) is a site where people who want to borrow money can meet those who want to lend money.

No Service Charge

There is no charge for our service. The loan origination costs will include legal fees and any out of pocket expenses lawyers may have. These costs are paid by the borrower.

How we can help you

Borrowing and Lending are serious endeavours so it is important that parties to these transactions take due diligence to ensure that each party is representing the facts accurately. This is where lawyers come in to assist with title and lien searches and appraisals.

Need a Lawyer?

Whether you are a borrower or a lender in the process of using our service, we can also connect you with a lawyer if you do not already have one.

Getting Started

To get started simply complete the “Connect Me” tab and fill in your information.
For security purposes this information is strictly confidential.  Once we have a potential match, we will provide you with the details so that you can decide if you want to proceed. Only then, when both sides have agreed will we provide contact information.

At that point, we will provide you with the contact info for potential parties on the other side of your transaction, be that a borrower or a lender, so that you can connect them directly.

Our Team

These are the people who make it possible

Bill Ross

Principal, BorrowLend Match

Jenelle Chen

Principal, BorrowLend Match
Steven Rankine, Principal

Steve Rankine

Principal, BorrowLend Match

Janine Yetke


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